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Landscape Friezes

Featuring stylized views of pastoral scenery, in harmony with the Arts & Crafts ideal of bringing nature into the home. Inspired by the beauty of our natural surroundings, our collection includes forests, rivers and gardens... these designs live in harmony with the hand-crafted natural woodwork and stonework featured in Arts & Crafts architecture.

Birchwood 16" in Twilight

Birchwood 16" in Rookwood

Floral Friezes

During the Arts & Crafts period, floral motifs brought art into everyday life, used throughout the home in woodworking, glass, ceramics, fabrics, wallpaper and more... These included simple and refined floral motifs inspired by Art Nouveau, as well as hand-crafted and tapestry-inspired rustic designs.

Sullivan Inspired

The American Louis Sullivan has long been considered one of the most innovative to have come out of the "Chicago School" of architects. Our 21" high Chicago frieze is an homage to this great architect and emulates some of the stenciled friezes and ornaments he designed.