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Before you begin, please check the icons on the product page to see if the pattern is sold by the roll or by the yard. On our website this information can be found at the right side of each pattern page. Like all fine handprints, our wallpapers come untrimmed and unpasted. Wall and ceiling fills are sold by the roll (a roll measures 27" wide and 15' long and covers 30 sq. ft.) All measurements are in feet:

Sold by the roll:


Number of rolls = (Perimeter of room x Height) ÷ 30. Round up to the next whole roll.

Do not subtract for doors or windows unless they are over 54" wide. This compensates for most pattern repeats. For patterns with a large repeat (27") or a half-drop repeat, add the pattern repeat to the room height.

Ceiling Paper:

Number of rolls = (Length of ceiling x Width of ceiling) ÷ 30. Round up to the next whole roll.

Note: Rolls are generally shipped in 5 or 6 roll bolts.

Sold by the yard:

Borders: To avoid waste, please note that borders come in untrimmed multiple strips on a 30" wide roll of paper. Divide the total yards of border required by the number of border strips on the roll. Round up to the next whole yard.

Panels and Corner Blocks: Refer to the icons on the Product Information pages to determine how many panels or blocks per linear yard.