Oh, what a feeling!! Wallpaper on the ceiling!!

Posted on | November 20, 2008 | No Comments

From the informative and ever fascinating 1961 Better Homes & Gardens Decorating Book, (loose leaf binder actually; sorry for the holes!) comes these bold treatments for ceilings…

First, we have a Hollywood Regency bedroom example, a shimmering gold rosette “powdering” trimmed with a neo-classical border.

Second, the ultimate 1960s saffron yellow bathroom, (a good remedy for those who frequently wake up on the wrong side of the bed). And if you look carefully, yes, those dots are carried up onto the ceiling as well! And here’s a tip: The big “dots” there could even be painted with stencils if someone were so inclined…

And lastly, a warm traditional room finished out with a formal pattern between the ceiling beams. It’s important to note that these examples are all “lighter” in feel, better for lower ceilings especially.

Ceilings decorated with wallpaper, painted ornament, wood, plaster work, etc. were a very common trend in homes for centuries, only falling out of fashion by the mid 1970s. Was it practical though? An embellished ceiling does have the advantages of little to no “wear and tear”, it floats largely above the eye level, and provides at least some color and pattern to what is usually the largest and yet most often ignored expanse in an interior.

So keep looking up!


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