Iris & Kingfisher

Our Iris & Kingfisher suite is adapted from the work of designer/illustrator Walter Crane, (1845-1915).These were some of the first patterns of the Victorian era to foreshadow the coming of Art Nouveau, a movement which owed much of its earliest inspiration to the original genius of Crane. The fascination with aquatic motifs, which frequently appear in wallpapers of this period, came from the strong influence of traditional Japanese design. They became a favorite source of inspiration for Victorian designers, especially during the Aesthetic Movement of the 1870s and 1880s and in the emerging Art Nouveau Movement of the following decade, the 1890s.
Iris Frieze in Spring
Iris Frieze in Autumn
Kingfisher in Spring
Kingfisher in Autumn
Fish Border in Spring
Fish Border in Autumn
Daybreak Ceiling Border in Spring
Gossamer Ceiling in Spring
Daybreak Ceiling Border in Autumn
Gossamer Ceiling in Autumn