Deer & Rabbit

Victorian designers William Morris and Walter Crane achieved great success for their individualistic interpretations of nature.
Morris had a great gift for floral design, but was so uncomfortable drawing animals that he sometimes had his friend, architect Philip Webb, add the animals to his pattern designs. Crane, on the other hand, showed a genius for drawing animals in his popular children’s books, and frequently used them as motifs in his wallpaper designs. Crane designed this charming Deer & Rabbit Frieze in 1887.
Deer & Rabbit in Autumn
Deer & Rabbit in Spring
Crabapple in Grove
Crabapple in Brook
Crabapple in Lake
Sweet Briar in Garden
Sweet Briar in Grove
Sweet Briar in Forest
Sweet Briar in Brook
Deer & Rabbit Ceiling Border in Autumn
Deer & Rabbit Ceiling in Autumn
Deer & Rabbit Ceiling Border in Spring
Deer & Rabbit Ceiling in Spring