About Us

When our company was founded in 1979, those who wanted to recreate the fanciful interiors from the latter half of the 19th century had little, if any, choices. Our research led to the reintroduction of historic Victorian wallpaper “roomsets”: elaborate combinations of coordinating patterns for both walls and ceilings.

Next, after a decade of research on original bungalow interiors, we released America’s first collection of designs for the Arts & Crafts revival (1900-1920). 

We have also added designs from the post-war years (1920-1960), giving a fuller range of historic design options.

While popular with historic homeowners, many professional designers, art directors and architects have turned to Bradbury & Bradbury when looking for stylish, authentic wallcoverings for their larger scale projects. As a result, our work can be seen adorning countless hotels, restaurants, museum installations, theme parks and feature film sets.