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The Persian Roomset - Persian Roundel and Pendant

The Persian Pendant is a small ornament that serves to complement and visually "elongate" the Persian Medallion that is used in the middle of the ceiling (in lieu, perhaps, of an existing plaster rosette).

The Persian Roundel is specifically and carefully designed for one use, to cover the miter cut where the ceiling borders would join in the corner of the room.

(To see how both of these are used in an installation please see the "Ceiling Elements" mock-up on the Persian Roomset Products Page.)

Sold by the yard
9" wide x 12" high
Four per yard
Price code: T
Price: $51/yard

Sold by the yard
7.5" wide x 10" high
Six per yard
Price code: T
Price: $51/yard

Order a sample:
Description Item Sample Size Price Quantity  
Persian Pendant PR-PND-1 1/2 of pendant $3.50
Persian Roundel PR-RON-1 1/2 of pendant $3.50
Roomset sample kit
Persian Sample Kit PR-KIT assorted $18.00
Persian Alternate Kit PR-KIT-ALT assorted $10.50
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