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Eastlake Panel

Eastlake Sidelight

Description Item Length Options Quantity  
Eastlake Panel, 47" width FB-ESLK47
Eastlake Panel, 33" width FB-ESLK33
Eastlake Sidelight, 20" width FB-ESLK20
Additional Patterns:
Brownstone Sidelight, 20" width FB-BRWN20
Brownstone Panel, 33" width FB-BRWN33
Brownstone Panel, 47" width FB-BRWN47
Deco Panel, 33" width FB-DECO33
Deco Panel, 47" width FB-DECO47
Deco Sidelight, 20" width FB-DECO20
Galaxy Panel, 33" width FB-GLXY33
Galaxy Panel, 47" width FB-GLXY47
Galaxy Sidelight, 20" width FB-GLXY20
Grecian Panel, 33" width FB-GREC33
Grecian Panel, 47" width FB-GREC47
Grecian Sidelight, 20" width FB-GREC20
Regency Panel, 33" width FB-REGY33
Regency Panel, 47" width FB-REGY47
regency_sidelight_50 Regency Sidelight, 20" width FB-REGY20
Though every effort has been made, photographs cannot accurately recreate the effects of metallic inks and flat oil pigments. Samples are available to assist in color matching.