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Shown above: Neo-Classical ceiling in Pompeiian colorway.

Create the Bradbury room of your dreams!

Custom designed
Ornamental ceilings are a specialty of our in-house Design Service. Our designer is well versed in a broad variety of 19th and early 20th century architectural styles. Our Victorian wallpaper patterns have been arranged into roomsets and colorways, with papers designed specifically to create beautiful ceilings, walls, and ultimately the room of your dreams. In order to achieve this, a design concept, architectural drawing and detailed cost estimate are provided.

Design Concepts
Consultation with our designer provides homeowners, architects, and interior designers the ability to decorate and complement the existing architectural details, color scheme and furnishings of each room. Each design is uniquely customized to its specific space, color and style requirements. Patterns and colors that have been selected as favorites by the client can be used to begin the design process, however we are happy to make additional suggestions as needed. Our goal is to create a unique finished product, the room of your dreams.

Scaled Architectural Drawings illustrate the overall ceiling design and the placement of individual patterns. Working together with the client, we will conceptualize and provide detailed design drawings of the ceiling plan and a typical wall elevation for each room. The measured drawings are for design approval, but they are also meant to serve as a guide for installing the papers. We have found that a surprising number of clients enjoy hanging their own papers; others prefer to rely on the expertise of professional paperhangers. We recommend that the paperhanger confirm required quantities on site, as hanging techniques vary. To find a professional installer in your area, we recommend contacting the Wallcovering Installers Association at

Detailed Cost Estimates simplify the ordering of papers for complex multi-pattern designs. The architectural drawings are instrumental in creating an accurate paper order. Once you have approved the design drawing and have placed your prepaid print order, your papers will be hand printed. Production lead-time varies and will be quoted when your order is placed.

Getting Started
A complete and accurate description of the space to be ornamented is the key to a successful design and installation. We have created a checklist to ensure that we have all the necessary information in order to proceed. To initiate a Design Service project, call Customer Service at (707) 746-1900 or begin by printing, filling out and sending us the Design Services Kit provided here:
Design Services Kit Instructions on how to gather the information we need to design your space.