More Bradbury & Bradbury inspired lampshades!

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So after hearing from Jana Olson (see last post) I learn that there are other craftspeople making artistic lampshades from our wallpapers, (they are silkscreened and look great when they are backlit after all)!

Jill Lawrence writes:  “I started working with Bradbury & Bradbury papers, primarily their (at the time) brand new Arts & Crafts series, at least ten years ago.  I was a little shy to talk too much about it with B&B, because I was concerned that the way I used their papers – cutting them up, layering them, one atop another, and turning them into lampshades, would not meet with their approval.   I was wrong.  And I did not know how wrong until once Bruce Bradbury came into the shop and saw “his” shades, and loved them.   Loved them enough that, when they came out with a new colorway (“thatch” I think it was) they most generously gifted me with all of the strike-offs from their design process.

 Since then, I have worked with B&B papers, especially the Glenwood wall fill and the Thornberry and Piedmont borders, and Claire’s Willow and Raspberry Bramble wall fills from the Morris Collection.  In the past few years, I have used parchment paper as the background with the B&B papers as borders, since many people are hoping to have more light through the sides of the lampshade.  It is true that as I have finished up rolls of paper I have not purchased more, mostly because I have moved on to other materials.  

Over all this time, I have also worked with customers who have brought in their own B&B papers from their own wallpapering project. Using their paper, I have made custom shades to exactly match their newly papered walls.

Recently (a week and a half ago, coincidentally!) I became excited with a new (at least to me) B&B paper – the Birchwood frieze – that a customer gave to us which was left over from remodeling project at her house.  Because it is so lovely, I have used the frieze as a border on parchment paper.”

For more information and images of the beautiful work they do: 



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