St. James’s wallpaper

Shortly after it’s establishment in 1861, Morris & Co. received a number of important secular commissions, one of which being the decoration of St. James’s Palace. Queen Victoria must have been satisfied with the firm’s earlier work on the Armoury and Tapestry Room in the late 1860′s, since they were invited back again in 1880 [...]

To frieze or not to frieze…

Because there were so many late Victorian and early twentieth century papers that were originally paired up with friezes or borders, many people may expect every reproduction fill paper from those eras to have a companion ornament above it. Actually many wallpapers, especially those dating from the Edwardian era (1901-1910) and later were never really [...]

Watkins Glen Frieze

One of our earliest attempts at the reproduction of an elaborate Victorian frieze was a pattern we named “Watkins Glen”. The dynamic design and coloring of this frieze was the work of Dr. Christopher Dresser and came directly from the chromolithographed frontispiece of his 1873 book “Principles of Decorative Design”. The book was originally a [...]

The crown decoration in the Arts & Crafts interior

Along with the craze for large decorative friezes that persisted in interior decoration from 1900-1915 came a number of creative  ”innovations” from wallpaper manufacturers, one of which being the “crown” decoration. The idea was basically a decoration that could be made to fit any height, whether it was from floor to ceiling or perhaps just [...]

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