An Illustrated History of Bradbury & Bradbury Part 7

Time had passed, and having exhausted the $10,000 his family had loaned him to start up the business, Bruce was now broke, hungry and desperately in search of a job. He tried what he thought might be the best local option for earning a decent paycheck – he went to apply with the Teamsters down [...]

An Illustrated History of Bradbury & Bradbury part 6

After gaining what printing experience he could at Wayne Carlson’s factory in Benicia, Bruce then transferred over to Winfield Wallpapers in San Francisco. He started off mixing color for production, which was “tremendously helpful” in applying the color theory he had learned already. When Bruce enthusiastically shared his vision with the Winfield management of starting [...]

An Illustrated History of Bradbury & Bradbury Part 5

One of the first things Bruce would need to learn if he was going to open a wallpaper company was how to print on paper. He decided that hand printing using silkscreens would be the most efficient method, allowing for small runs as well as rich coloring, like that seen in chromolithography. He attended night [...]

An Illustrated History of Bradbury & Bradbury Part 4

Years ago a reporter asked a Bradbury employee, “So where did Bruce get the idea for Bradbury & Bradbury?” They responded “Bruce was sitting on a rock in India when a man on a flaming Pop-Tart told him ‘You are Bradbury & Bradbury with an ampersand’. And so we are”. With apologies to John Lennon, [...]

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