Oh, what a feeling!! Wallpaper on the ceiling!!

From the informative and ever fascinating 1961 Better Homes & Gardens Decorating Book, (loose leaf binder actually; sorry for the holes!) comes these bold treatments for ceilings… First, we have a Hollywood Regency bedroom example, a shimmering gold rosette “powdering” trimmed with a neo-classical border. Second, the ultimate 1960s saffron yellow bathroom, (a good remedy [...]

Set the Wayback Machine to 1958…

Here is a very cool trip back to the future, when everything is chrome and we travel to the office in three-wheeled rocket cars (courtesy of Chevrolet)…Thanks to the folks at Lushpad for sharing this with us!

The Wonders of Shellac!

Being involved over the years on the restoration of several homes and public buildings, I have found an amazing product that seems to figure prominently in each one of them:¬†shellac. It’s incredible stuff, but what surprises me is that so many old house owners are unfamiliar with its use and properties, (and the fact that [...]

An Illustrated History of Bradbury & Bradbury Epilogue

We hope you enjoyed this Bradbury & Bradbury retrospective. Thirty years later we are still a small company and happy to remain that way. Bruce’s vision was to build a craftsman’s shop, not a conglomerate, and I think that philosophy has served our company and our customers well. As I mentioned in the first post [...]

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