An Illustrated History of Bradbury & Bradbury Part 3

Having arrived in San Francisco from Maine, Bruce found himself in neighborhoods like nothing he had encountered before: A seemingly endless stock of elaborately ornamented Victorian row houses. Many of the yet unpainted ladies he saw had the worn patina of age and forlorn dignity. Once inside, Bruce was “astonished” at their high ceilings and [...]

An Illustrated History of Bradbury & Bradbury Part 2

So when we last left Bruce he was a New England teenager enamored with the radical ideas of the Victorian Pre-Raphaelites. Later Bruce attended college, (briefly), and while there he pursued his earlier interest in color and its use in painting and the arts. In his investigations he became aware of the research of 19th [...]

An Illustrated History of Bradbury & Bradbury Part 1

As part of our big 30th anniversary celebration here at Bradbury & Bradbury we would like to go back in time and give you, our readers, some of the history related to the founding of this little company. For me, a person who has been part of the company since 1982, the founding of Bradbury [...]

Wallpaper “Foto Murals” of California

One of the most welcome innovations in the mid-century suburban home was the use of larger “picture” windows or even huge walls of glass that welcomed in more light and, depending on the home’s location, the beauty of the outdoors. That desire to bring the outdoors indoors soon spawned another creative idea: The wallpaper photo mural. [...]

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