Panache Lighting

For thirty years now we’ve seen a lot of creative uses for our wallpaper besides the usual installation on walls and ceilings… for example, art wallpaper lampshades. Jana Olson, of Panache Lighting, has 16 years of experience in the antique lighting trade, both as a retailer and restorer of old lighting. She loves to help [...]

Lincrusta-Walton & Anaglypta

Along with paint, wallpaper and decorative plaster, another popular wall finish found in many late nineteenth and early twentieth century homes was the “indestructible wall covering” popularly known as Lincrusta-Walton. Originally named “Linoleum Muralis” (linoleum for walls) by its English inventor Fredrick Walton in 1877, it became almost as favorite a treatment for walls as [...]

The art of “Termite Terrace”

Yeah, I know, this is a blog that is focused on historic interiors and architecture, so why am I writing about Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and the rest of the stars of Warner Bros. Animation Studios, (affectionately known as “Termite Terrace”)? Having always been a tremendous fan of the early years of animation I had [...]

The Wonders of Shellac!

Being involved over the years on the restoration of several homes and public buildings, I have found an amazing product that seems to figure prominently in each one of them:¬†shellac. It’s incredible stuff, but what surprises me is that so many old house owners are unfamiliar with its use and properties, (and the fact that [...]


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