Watkins Glen Frieze

One of our earliest attempts at the reproduction of an elaborate Victorian frieze was a pattern we named “Watkins Glen”. The dynamic design and coloring of this frieze was the work of Dr. Christopher Dresser and came directly from the chromolithographed frontispiece of his 1873 book “Principles of Decorative Design”. The book was originally a [...]

Wallpaper on the big screen

Maybe its a consequence of working in the industry, but I can’t seem to watch a movie anymore without noticing the wallpaper in each scene. Of course, sometimes the wallpaper is integral to the scene in which it appears, which is great because then I don’t have to ask my wife “what just happened?”. To me the [...]

An Illustrated History of Bradbury & Bradbury Epilogue

We hope you enjoyed this Bradbury & Bradbury retrospective. Thirty years later we are still a small company and happy to remain that way. Bruce’s vision was to build a craftsman’s shop, not a conglomerate, and I think that philosophy has served our company and our customers well. As I mentioned in the first post [...]

An Illustrated History of Bradbury & Bradbury Part 7

Time had passed, and having exhausted the $10,000 his family had loaned him to start up the business, Bruce was now broke, hungry and desperately in search of a job. He tried what he thought might be the best local option for earning a decent paycheck – he went to apply with the Teamsters down [...]

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